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Terms and Conditions

1. Any person holding a valid driving license / permit recognized in India may register to participate in Self Drive Expeditions 2012.

2. The organizers at their discretion may accept or reject any registration and participant for the Expedition.

3. Any four wheeled vehicle, with either 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive, can be driven in the Expedition. The vehicle should have good ground clearance reliable mechanical systems, good brakes, tyres and battery condition. All vehicles must be individually licensed / officially permitted for the road and comply with the legal requirements of cars used on public roads in India. A Letter of Authority for the use of the vehicle must be produced from the owner of the vehicle in case the owner is not a member of the crew.

4. The charges are specified for each crew member in the participating vehicle and include accommodation on twin sharing basis along with breakfast and dinner at the specified halts and night halts, and inner line permits.

5. We will take the participants to altitudes above 4,500 meters/ 14,000 feet and they should be familiar with the prevention , recognition and treatment of altitude sickness including shortness of breath, restlessness or sleeplessness and headaches as well as other health dangers potentially arising from such high altitude . To learn more about this topic visit and see the medical notes.

6. In case medical assistance is required by a participant, the accompanying team will try and provide the necessary assistance within their means and the medical supplies and equipment (oxygen cylinder and first aid kits) available with them. Our team may take a decision to transport the participant to the nearest appropriate medical facility. Decisions will be based only on the medical aspect and the respect of the health regulations in vigor , either to hospitalize the participant in a nearby medical facility , before envisaging transport to the nearest hospital / facility at the nearest town. The information of the patient's regular doctor, often important, may help the attending doctor make the most opportune decision.

It is, in this regard, expressly stated that the final decision concerning the medical interests of the participant, rest with the attending doctor. In case where the participant refuses to follow the decision considered as the most opportune by the attending the doctor, they discharge us of all responsibility, notably in the case where the participant returns by their own means or in the case where the participant aggravates their own health. They may therefore not make any claim to be refunded any expenses incurred. If the health of the participant causes, in the conditions indicated above, the attending doctor to decide to transfer them or repatriate them.

In such an event , the cost of the transportation will be borne by the participant.

7. The safekeeping of the participant's vehicles will remain the sole responsibility of the participants. In case of breakdown, the accompanying team will try to carry out with possible help available with them. In case of major breakdown that cannot be repaired, the organizers will use their best efforts to arrange for a repair service at nearest point.

In such events, the cost would be borne by the participant. In case the journey has to be discontinued due to any reason no request to refund the charges for the remaining journey can be entertained due to prior bookings and commitments made ahead of the trip.

8. All participants are responsible for calculating the fuel range of their vehicles and must refuel their vehicle at the commercial fuel pumps en route. Refueling at the last pump at Tandi on the Manali Leh Highway will be mandatory for all vehicles.

9. The organizers shall not be responsible for delays or alterations in the plan or expenses incurred- directly or indirectly due to natural hazards, accident, mechanical breakdowns, weather, sickness, landslides etc.

10. Limitation of Liability - These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between you, the participant and Journeys By Road. By joining the expedition you are bound by these Terms and Conditions. Although Journeys By Road is making an arrangement for this expedition , our responsibility is limited. The limits of our responsibility arise from the fact that we liaise with independent third parties such as hotel, transportation companies and other ground operators. By accepting and utilizing the goods or services of third parties, each participant agrees that Journeys By Road shall not be held liable in any way for any loss, injury, damage, delay or death or property loss or damage arising from any act or omission of any such third party. Journeys By Road in benefit of all reserves the right to make changes in the itinerary at its sole discretion.


Convoy Rules

• Prior to departure, do a thorough mechanical check to ensure that the vehicle has enough fuel, oil , water and air.

• Convoy leaders decisions is binding. The leader may lead or sweep the convoy depending upon the terrain and may request a regroup at given points en route.

• All participants are expected to obey all traffic rules and respect pedestrians and other drivers.

• If you want to break away from the convoy or go slower, make sure you inform the convoy leader so that you are not holding up the convoy.

• You must use radio sets and mobile phones to keep the convoy leader informed of your position.

• In case of emergencies or vehicle breakdown, immediately inform your convoy leader.

• Always be on time and ready to move at the agreed hour in morning.


"The experience of Ladakh expedition was just amazing and this drive and destination grows on you,flashes the memories back to miss the experience even more !

Mr Jagat M Aggarwal,M.D Pioneer Industries Ltd.

"A great and completely new and thrilling experience was the self drive tour of the Rann of Kutch area in November this year aptly named Road to Rann 2012. Impeccably organized by Expedition On more"

Mr.Mayank Bhatnagar,SAP,Bangalore

"In a country like India it is a handicap to be a female if you like to just hit the road and cruise and I am extremely thrilled to have met the team of Expedition On Wheels. There wasn't a dull moment in the more"

Ms Surabhi Rohilla,IBM consultant India

It was a very well planned trip and much better than our expectation. Hope to join you in future.

Sanjiv Sawhney,Brisbane, Australia

True to your words. This was once in a lifetime experience that went far beyond my expectations. Thank you Sanjay and Tushar for this and being the best company we would have wanted.

Sagun Sawhney,Delhi, India

Thanks so much for giving us a memorable experience of a life time. It was much beyond our expectations. Excellent organisation and planning throughout. The trip and company was great too. Thanks.

Ela Sawhney,Brisbane, Australia

Tushar Agarwal was a pioneer when it came to travelling from UK to India. His trip infused a sense of pride into every Indian living abroad and i was one of them. Now i am doing this journey, a big thanks to "Expedition On more"

Inderpal Shergill,Glasgow,UK

Meeting Sanjay for the first time one can't miss his humbleness and his warm hospitality. His vast knowledge of the Himalayas and his experience put together, makes him a great leader and a 'must have' companion if you wish to more

Mr. Prateek Mehta,New Delhi

First of all "A BIG THANKS" to Expedition On Wheels for making my Ladakh trip a memorable one. I just want to convey my deep thanks to Mr. Sanjay MADAN for accommodating me in this expedition.An amazing person, very more

Mr.Manish Tiwari - Aaj Tak News,Noida

Kudos to Expedition On Wheels for successfully organizing the Toyota Trans Himalayan Challenge 2012.. your team will go far in helping people re-discover themselves! All the best and I am already looking forward to my next trip with you guys! :)

Amitoj Arya,New Delhi


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